5 Essential Things To Know About Young Thug

02.04.14 4 years ago 55 Comments

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Although Young Thug is about the most generic rap moniker ever considered, this rising star has already made the name known in a major way so far in 2014. His fans are your favorite artists, his features are on the rise and his material is dropping like snow.

Before this Thug goes totally next level, everyone should get familiar with the new face of spaceship rap.

Update: It looks to be official, as of Saturday, February 15. Young Thug signed with Cash Money Records. Read more about the news here. Get ready for the Stoner life to go mainstream…well…mainstreamier.

1. He’s Got Two Radio Ready Singles – Haven’t heard Young Thug’s dedication to “Danny Glover“? Well, there’s still a good chance you’ve heard his ode to staying lifted, “Stoner.” Half of hip-hop has already had their way with either instrumental and neither track has really made the mainstream leap. Give it a month and one of the two will be cracking the Top 100.

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2. ATL All Day – For an artist who only started rapping in 2010, the budding MC is getting his fair share of praise in Atlanta. Aside from working with the likes of Future, Shawty Lo and others on his independently-released I Came From Nothing mixtape series, Thug’s current venture with Gucci Mane warranted his 1017 Thug project and production from certified local hit-makers like 808 Mafia, Lex Luger and Nard B. His hometown love is across the board.

When asked why Thug has so much local appeal, ATL-based DJ Wally Sparks offered, “I think it’s because he doesn’t sound like anyone here in Atlanta. A lot of the popular Atlanta rap artists have gravelly and raspy voices. Young Thug doesn’t. His is high pitched and nasal, but it works well with his flow.”

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3. Well-Connected – Thug is signed by Atlantic Records via 1017 Brick Squad, which has both advantages and disadvantages. But, the game’s latest rap-crooner says he’s been offered $1.5 mil by Future to join the Freebandz family, to boot. So, who knows where the hot commodity will end up. Oh, and apparently, Thug has a few songs with Kanye West. That always helps.


4. Special Delivery – Aside from his occasional offerings of high-pitched Auto-Tune warbling, this Thug actually has some range on the mic. As evidenced on “Entroproneur” and ““Some More”, Young effortlessly flip-flops between impressive rapid-fast flows that end in melody and are followed up with obnoxious chant raps that stick to brain matter like crazy glue. YT’s range is wide, when he wants to spread the wealth. Other times, it’s flat out weird.

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5. Unique Sense Of…Style – Like his flow, this up & coming ATL star’s outfits are also quite versatile. And, when we say versatile, we mean questionable as hell. But, you know what? Whatever floats his boat is fine by us. Plus, we all know he’s dressing like a drag queen to draw attention…which has worked.

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