5 Essential Things To Know About Raz Simone, 300’s First Artist

01.24.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

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Don’t front. 95% of you either A.) have no idea who Raz Simone is at all, or B.) just heard about him for the first time on Thursday.

Whether you fall into either category, we’re here to say Mr. Simone is a name that will not be going away any time soon. And, rightfully so. If you trust our opinion – and at this point, we know you do – dig into these five things you should know about the buzzing MC and use it as your cheat sheet to stay ahead of the curve.

1. First Signee To The 300 Record Label

The speculation around industry power trio Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles’ latest label venture, named 300, has been swirling for months. What were they going to do with all of these combined smarts and instinct. As of yesterday, we have our first clue as Raz was announced as the first official signee to the upstart label, which appears to have majority funding from Google.

We’re going to say Raz made the right move when you couple these three key execs’ industry track record of success with the reality that Google runs the damn world.

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2. Seattle Roots

Yup, Simone happens to hail from the same Emerald City as mainstream Hip-Hop’s latest savior Macklemore. Call that what you will, but it sees like a more of a coincidence to us, considering Seattle has always been a hotbed of versatile talent.


3. Limited Material Means More Potential

As it appears, Raz Simone is only pushing two EPs: Solomon Samuel Simone and 5 Good Reasons with Lachow, which contain ten songs total. Both were featured on DatPiff and garnered positive albeit light reactions from fans and media.

That being said, there’s a lot more music to be made by this burgeoning MC and this new label situation sets him up to do just that. Plus, you know Lyor has heard plenty of Simone’s music that we haven’t and knows damn well there are hits in the works.

4. He Comes From The Heart

After digging into his YouTube channel, it’s evident Raz has put an emphasis on making music from the heart, which is clear as day in his track with oft-collaborator Sam Lachow, “Sometimes I Don’t”, which may be his best song.

Shoot, we didn’t think any artist would even dare try to remix Adele’s “Hometown” after Big Krizzle so eloquently spilled his guts on that beat, but Raz comes damn close with his own gripping version of the same name.

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5. Upcoming Project On Deck

Of course there is. Since signing to the mysterious 300 label itself is news, you know damn well they plan on snowballing off the current bout of media coverage with new music from their star in the making. They’d be foolish not to. That being said, you can go to Simone’s brand new website and see a project called Cognitive Dissonance is in the works. We’ll assume the single is right around the corner, as well.

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