50, Banks, Buck & Yayo…

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Random G-Unit thoughts that have been sparked by all the recent media attention involving their leader…

Beg For Mercy was an exceptionally good album. I dare to say it was one of the most entertaining albums in quite a while. Go back and listen to it.

Where did this come from?

After the VMAs my baby momma cussed my ass out.
I kicked her ass, we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stoute…

“Poppin Them Thangs” has been in my head for a week, without even having listened to it in months.

You had the humorous villain portrayed by 50, the metaphorical, not so monotone Banks & the sheer lyrical relentlessness of Buck. All wrapped in one disc.

– The crew’s recent Rap City freestyle shows that their still entertaining. Yayo…well, he was humorous, Buck was a savage as usual. But the stumbling, bumbling Prodigy is not the swift-tongued, definitive voice that we all know and love.

– This Rhapsody interview, hearing Fif breakdown the science behind some of his tracks, still makes me feel like 50 is a conceptual artist who leans heavily on the presentation and packaging of everything he does. He can pop all that “I’m just a hustler” bs he wants. Albeit, he wants to appear nonchalant, but he’s a prodigy of Dre & very meticulous.

50’s “Smile” (I’m Leaving)…I love it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Beatles Tee

– While I doubt they’ll ever make a tee in honor of their accomplishments, the whole G-Unit experience hasn’t been all bad. Boo Boo defeated the odds & became substantially rich. And, he managed to help out his friends and create financial opportunities for others as well.


Lupe Fiasco Ft. Sarah Green & Verbel – Can You Let Me Go

Lil Wayne – Beat It Up (prod by Timbaland)

Cassidy, A-R AB, & Drag-On – The Tool

Papoose, Remy Ma & D.O.E. – I Get Gully

Cassidy, A-R AB & Drag-On – Bullet, Bullet

Trey Songz – Barry Bonds Freestyle

Nicole Scherzinger Ft. Will.i.am – Baby Love

Serius Jones – Get It How U Live

Smitty FT. Mario & Chris Brown – Tell Me


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