Curtis & DeAndre Get Queer For XXL

10.19.10 7 years ago 65 Comments

This may be a cover feature but it surely looks like those ads that appear in the tail end of the XXL. You know, the ones that belong in a special edition of Playgirl opposed to rap’s #1 mag. While the specifics behind the bizarre photoshoot are unknown, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy take their “Mean Mug” to epic proportions with Fiddy channeling Storm Shadow meets Prince of Persia and Swaggaman snuggled under his shoulder, naked from the waist up. What ever happened to the days when a manager stepped in the way with a good ‘ol fashioned “Oh helllllllz naw!!?”

Apparently their bond runs deeper than rap. The issue hits stands on November 2nd but I couldn’t be caught dead with that cover at the register.

50 Cent & Soulja Boy “Mean Mug” for XXL’s November Cover [XXL]

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