“Frank’s Not Around Anymore, New York’s Mine…”

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The crazy thing was, in 2003, with Jay Z’s new “thing” being The Black Album was his final release ever, this claim seemed like anything but a reach.

50 Cent, 10 years ago, held Willy Wonka’s golden Hip-Hop ticket. Co-signs by Eminem and Dr. Dre all but guaranteed Fif could do whatever he damn well pleased with no fear of repercussions. Get Rich Or Die Tryin was selling faster than it could be kept on shelves. The other members of G-Unit were becoming recognizable stars on their own. And along with The Diplomats, 50 was still very much embedded in a New York City mixtape culture he helped define in the early 2000s.

“It’s no contest I’m the coldest from the East
Niggas mad I’m doin’ good so I wake up to new beef
Niggas sayin’ ‘I knew 50 back when he was Boo’
‘When he used to pump crack on Guy Brew’
‘Before he blew’
Then when they come through
Sayin’ what’s up I’m like ‘Who are you?’
We ain’t ever made no money together then we ain’t cool…”

His “Dipset Anthem Freestyle” ranks as a personal non-GRODT standout from the year Curtis Jackson officially left the projects in Southside Jamaica Queens in his rearview for good.

The brief MP3 was everything riding for 50 during said time period was about. Close to whatever buddy touched – a mixtape, freestyle, guest appearance – was enough to tear a room apart in search of a blank CD. To go along with that sort of consumer confidence, Curtis wasn’t yet mega-successful enough that his street talk still held a healthy dose of authenticity. Plus, no rapper on the planet was better at injecting their own musical DNA in industry instrumentals and totally giving a record a completely new identity than Ja Rule’s BFF.

Granted, that didn’t happen here. Topping what Juelz and Cam did to the original is seven shades of impossible. But, like Barry Bonds stepping into a batter’s box in 2003, paying attention to see what Bonds/50 could pull off next was taken for granted.

50 Cent – “Dipset Anthem Freestyle”

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