50 Cent: There’s Way More G-Unit Music Coming

06.04.14 3 years ago 29 Comments

This has been a longtime in the making. This being what fans have been pining forever for. Though years have passed, their rap rankings having changing, jail for one, arguments with them all and many other trials, 50 Cent and the Unit look like they’re on the same page again.

While speaking with Philly’s Good Day, Fif spills the beans on what’s next for the newly reformed Unit: “Yes. You’ll see an album by late November.”

While I don’t think 50 had some master plan in mind, I do think he started to see the signs between his falling out with Interscope to going indie. During his Breakfast Club interview, he admitted that things had drastically changed in music since he was at the top of the charts. People weren’t actively interested in his music.

He knows he alone may not be able to generate the interest musically – early projections put Animal Ambition’s first week numbers in the 30K range – but he’s a shrewd enough businessman to know each member of the Unit has their fans, as does the Unit itself. There’s strength in those numbers, as well as love for nostalgia, that says a combined G-Unit could re-energize each member’s career or at least allow them to cash a couple of checks.

What Curtis can’t manage to do alone, he may be able to accomplish with his former crew.

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