50 Cent, G-Unit Reunite At Summer Jam And All Hell Breaks Loose

06.02.14 4 years ago 47 Comments

If only for one night, the Unit was one once again.

During his set at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, 50 Cent brought out his G-Unit brethren – Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo – to perform alongside him. The foursome hasn’t recorded together in full capacity since 2008, making last night’s reunion a welcome one for fans.

It was even more of surprise considering the recent bickering through the media that’s been going on between 50, Banks and Yayo in the past few months. Most recently, Fif slighted the two, calling them Troy Ave’s “hypemen.” Then, too, there was Curtis seemingly keeping Buck an arm’s distance away at the mention of a reunion.

In classic 50 chess move, it would all appear a misdirect to make Sunday night’s stage show a huge surprise. Hearing 50 and Lloyd do “On Fire” and all the other old hits was pretty awesome. Fif also kicked into his Ja Rule diss “I Smell P****,” which seemed to amuse Ja. Hell, couple this with the Dips possibly starting to work together again and it’s like the hands of time were set in reverse for the summer.

It wouldn’t be 50 without some level of drama involved and that came with Slow of Slowbucks catching the fade from what look like associates of G-Unit. Details are sketchy and rumors are heavy, but no clear explanation has been given as to why Slow got socked in from of thousands in attendance and everyone watching at home. During the show, 50 was joined by Fabolous to debut a remix of “Cuffin’ Season.” Seen in the video above, the scuffle breaks out around the 1:40 mark (around 10:30 in the full set clip).

Most fingers point to Slow posing in a pic with 50’s son Marquise and artist Trav, who 50’s had issues with previously, along with 50’s comment on the pic saying “this picture was a bad idea.” Knowing 50, we’ll know more soon as he’s never been shy to address matters – positive or negative – publicly. But as Revolt points out, 50 did allude to there being increased friction between 50 and Slow recently.

“During an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex last month, the Animal Ambition rapper shared his thoughts on Slow and Slowbucks, telling the revered DJ, ‘I ain’t feeling that right now. They come from me, Winslow [Slow’s real name] come from me and they been around me since the early stages. Look my enemy enemies are my friends. So if someone is being disrespectful to me and you actually stand next to it, you have those same feelings.’”

That aside, not a bad showing for Curtis in what was his first time headlining Summer Jam in over a decade.

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