50 Cent: My G-Unit Sneakers Outsold Jay’s Reeboks Six To One

03.30.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

Classic Curtis here, dropping numbers to remind people of his success. As he tells Revolt, his G-Unit sneakers by Reebok outsold Jay’s S. Carter model by a landslide. And he repeats what he said a while ago about pocketing big bucks off the deal.

“Some of the deals look alike because you see more than one person doing a deal, it seems similar. But the structure of the actual deal is more profitable for one guy than it is for the other guy. They’ll talk about RBK deal. That really was a response to losing the bidding war for LeBron James. In reality, the G-Unit shoe outsold the Shawn Carter shoe six to one. I made over 80 million dollars during the RBK time period. If I’m lying. I’m flying. You know how they say men lie women lie numbers don’t.”

No idea if he’s using accurate figures here or not and I doubt Reebok’s going to share the info so many years later. But I do vaguely remember a few of the colorways for Jay’s S. Gucci takedowns came out in smaller quantities, while 50’s joints flooded store shelves. Therefore, 50 would have a leg (or is it a foot?) up easily since his were mass marketed.

The bigger reveal here: Reebok’s move to sign all these entertainers to endorsement deals stemmed from them losing out on the LeBron sweepstakes of 2003, as if they had a legit shot at him versus Nike or even adidas, whose shoes ‘Bron rocked throughout most of his amateur career.

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