50 Cent – “I’ll Do Anything” Video

06.24.09 8 years ago 24 Comments

Industry Rule #4083: Boy bands wear matching clothes.

Curtis is supposedly recording and releasing several videos for his War Angel LP. That gives me yet another reason not to listen to it or him for a while. The main difference between Get Rich Or Die Trying and everything that followed is 50 Cent’s dwindling focus. Back then, that album was pretty much make or break for him, he had the weight of the world on him and several reasons to prove himself. So he buckled down and concentrated on putting out good music.

Now he’s everything from a businessman and an executive to an actor and a video game character. It almost seems like he has his fingers in too many pies to even hold the mic right.

The album (which he proclaims is “close to perfect“) and the answer therein are on the way.

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