Got A Job Interview? Listen To 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’

08.14.14 4 years ago 18 Comments
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Job interviews can be stressful, so walking into one with your A-game is crucial.

In fact, The Society For Personal And Social Psychology recommend 50 Cent’s 2003 classic, “In Da Club.” The team of social scientists ran a test on two groups, ultimately concluding bass-heavy songs help produce the only two words that matter in job interviews: “You’re hired.”

One group was told to listen to bass-heavy tunes – 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ and 2 Unlimited’s ‘Get Ready For This’. The other group listened to what the report called ‘low-power music’ – Notorious BIG’s ‘Big Poppa’, Fatboy Slim’s ‘Because We Can’ and Baha Men’s ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’.

Researchers discovered that those in the first group were more inclined to take control in situations such as job interviews and client meetings. They felt more in control, leading to more productive and focused work. Conversely, those in the second group were meeker in the same situations, and made more mistakes in a test measuring abstract thinking.

It’s tough to imagine “Who Let The Dogs Out?” being a interview killer if only because it’s tough to imagine someone listening to “Who Let The Dogs Out?” for a job interview. In 2014.

Nevertheless, consider this vital information for your everyday life. To date, “In Da Club” has nearly 212 million views on YouTube. And since we’re on the topic, let’s watch the video and reminisce what we were doing when 50’s biggest single was the biggest song on the planet.

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