50 Cent Doing Business With Manny Pacquiao Is The Most 50 Cent Thing Ever

09.13.12 5 years ago 26 Comments

Honorable man, philanthropist and all-around swell guy 50 Cent is in the news again. For a new, great album? Of course not, stupid. This time he’s in the news for switching gears and going into business with Manny Pacquiao. Why is this significant? Because 50 Cent used to be BFFs with one Floyd Mayweather, the man who’s Manny Pacquiao’s rival even though they’ve never fought.

50 had been doing media rounds proclaiming that Money Mayweather had the nerve to come out of jail a changed man, damaging their friendship. Now this news of Fiddy joining forces with Manny on a boxing-related business venture has the world speculating that the 50 Cent/Mayweather union is now over.

Whose living room will Ray J choose now?! That’s the heart of the problem.

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