Webbie To 50 Cent: Pay What You Owe, Bruh

07.05.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Webbie is one of our national treasures, as just about every video of him proves. This time around, it seems that, at least according to him, 50 Cent owes him some money on a bet that they supposedly placed right before the lightweight title fight between Terence Crawford and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

“We get to the ring, I say, ‘Fitty!’ I say, ‘What’s happenin’, I got a mil on my dog (Terence Crawford).’ Go look it up! HBO! I got a mil right here! On my dog! What?! He’s like, ‘You know me. C’mon. Let’s do it!’ You know, he laughing. My dog won!”

But, I’ll let you watch the video obtained by Big Brother because it’s always more entertaining to watch the ever-animated Webbie as he explains the situation.

TMZ reached out to 50’s SMS Promotions and they claim it’s the first time they’ve ever heard anything about a bet.

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