50 Cent Owes Rival Headphone Company Several Sh*tloads Of Money For Stealing Their Design

04.08.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

The bad news for 50 Cent: the former G-Unit head honcho owes Sleek Audio $16 million, thanks to a nasty lawsuit brought against Fif.

The good news for 50 Cent: it won’t really matter since he’s already one of the richest artists around.

Read the details here, but the short of it is that Fifty – trying to play his way into the headphone game, because Street King headphones are what the people want need – stole some design plans from Sleek Audio. The plans would go towards a new series of headphones 50 was scheming up. The rapper and Sleek had previously worked together on earlier sets of headphones.

Consider this a sizable drop in the bucket for Fif but, when compared with the rest of the rapper’s wealth, it’s negligible. The only real takeaway besides the obvious “that guy is such an asshat” comments is the thought of 50 Cent, clad in a black turtle neck, ski mask and Mission Impossible-style spy gear, dangling off of a ceiling, through some security lasers, trying to steal the headphone blueprints, which are locked behind a glass encasement. Look at 50, trying to be a spy!

And please, remember that you read that at The Smoking Section before it goes on Family Guy or something.

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