50 Cent Promises ‘Street King Immortal’ Will Be “More Personal”

06.17.14 3 years ago 6 Comments

On Monday, 50 let the world know his next album, the much-talked about and much-delayed Street King Immortal, would be releasing on September 15. And Curtis is promising the project will be more telling than Animal Ambition.

Street King Immortal is a more personal project for me I’ve offered some of the pieces [in rhymes] to strengthen up over the way, like ‘coming up I was confused, my momma kissing a girl’ [on “Hate It Or Love It”] and some of those pieces were placed there so if someone had this information then it would already be desensitized. Because I spent time in actual war mode or in that battle space, I’ve offered the parts that would make me vulnerable. I’ve publicly presented it to the public to make it not land. It wouldn’t mean anything when you said it because I said it on a record that’s bigger than yours.”

Cred: Revolt

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