Ten Years Later, 50 Cent Reminisces On Creating ’50 Cent Is The Future’

06.19.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

The first time I recall hearing 50 Cent was the summer of 2002 at a cookout. While I didn’t know it at the time, the project I was listening to was the eerily titled 50 Cent Is The Future. Curtis sat down with the folks at XXL to recall how the project came to fruition and the impact the tape had on not only his life but others as well.

Curtis has always represented an acquired taste; one largely remembered for his contributions in the early to mid-2000s than anything as of late (The Lost Tape wasn’t bad though). That said, for better and worse, 50 and G-Unit’s tear through Hip-Hop was groundbreaking. He helped turned the mixtape scene into a legitimate sub-genre. Yet, he’s also the reason the entire industry – fans, label heads and fans alike – developed this undying obsession with first week numbers. And there’s a strong argument that can be said he ruined any sort of unity New York City once hand by running Ja Rule out of game as well directing venom at anyone attempting to help revive Ja’s broken career. There was, however, a time when Curtis, Banks and Yayo were up and coming rappers who’d hi-jack instrumentals and make their versions more appealing than the radio smash they borrowed it from. And became NYC legends in the process.

Ten years, hundreds of millions of dollars later and a roller coaster journey that’s seen him on top of the game to the present day, Fif’s a living testament of an artist who came from the bottom and hustled his way to a legacy in rap which may never be duplicated.

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