“I Miss That Old Curren$y…”

10.15.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

You’ll rarely hear anyone say that because most forget how long Spit Vicious has actually been around. But the idea & that statement came up as a topic of discussion on my other e-stomping grounds. Curren$y’s place in the game goes longer than his current tenure with the Jets! Before he embarked on the stoner-style that made him initially popular as a member of the Young Money camp (a style which Wayne robbed him of but that’s another day, another post), he was a No Limit solider.

“Roll up with both the doors up on the black Lambo
Red rag round my head look like a Black Rambo
A banana clip with 16 hollow tips of ammo
smoke a aggin like aggin smoke a Camel
Got blacked out tints aggins like “who is that?”
I give a hatin’ aggin two shots where his ribs at…”

Over time, he chose to holster his pistol, opting to take the pre-rolled doobie from behind his ear and use it as one of the central themes of his rhymes. But while he slowed down on the gangsterism, rap’s Jeff Spicoli has always kept street credos as a part of his lyrical content (See: My favorite verse from “Scared Of Monsters“).


Iron African – Poison Ego

Amen Feat. Sean Boog and Blue Raspberry – Bad News (prod. Khrysis)

Deuce Poppi – My White Friends

J. Cole – Lights Please

Saigon Feat. OJ Da Juiceman – For Some P*ssy (Remix)

Nneka – The Uncomfortable Truth

Lloyd Banks- Southside In The House

Wiz Khalifa – This Plane

UGK Feat. Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon – She Luv It (Remix)

People Under The Stairs – Hit the Top

Sene – WonLover (Prod. by Blu as GODlee Barnes)

Karriem Riggins – 12’s In 8

Chief Feat. Co$$ – Love Lost

B.G. – My Hood (Prod. By Mannie Fresh)

Rock City – Stacy’s Got A Gun

Mulatto Patriot Feat. Pugs Atomz – The General (Fable Remix)

Crookers Feat. Wiley & Thomas Jules – Business Man (Black Noise Remix)

Definite – Dream (Prod. by Blu as GODlee Barnes)


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