5th Child Feat. Cello – “Run”

05.17.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

5th Child has been a friend of the site for many moons now and consistently drops off dope material. But this right here? This is something wholly different.

Fif has always been a dope rapper and producer, but in the current Hip-Hop landscape, an ability to craft full-fledged songs is what separates the skilled from the great. While 5th Child has always been a skilled MC, his new single from his self-titled album is his most fully realized, complete track to date.

“Run” is nothing short of epic. The horns sound like they belong on the opening montage to a kick-ass action movie and the hook jumps into your brain and holds on for dear life. I dare any of you to listen to the track once and not hum the refrain a few minutes later. Then there’s 5th Child. He hasn’t lost his flare at all, riding the beat to create a shining example of what to expect from the full-length LP.

Without further ado, here’s 5th Child’s “Run.”

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