The Hulk Doesn’t Have A Penis Plus 6 Other Little-Known Superhero Facts Revealed

03.11.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

superhero facts

Apparently, it’s Superheroes Week over at CineFix, which is weird because we thought it was already Superhero Decade on planet Earth. To celebrate, they’ve offered this video with seven things you may not know about Marvel and DC superheroes.

Before you start screaming “ZOMGALREADYKNEWTHIS,” nerds, bear in mind that at least three of these have more to do with superhero movies than the comic industry.

And it’s no surprise that Joss Whedon had a Black Widow scene written long ago. He undoubtedly has notebooks full of femme fatales crushing the patriarchy with their powerful thighs…what were we talking about again? Right. Video.

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