Place Your Bets, Gentlemen.

05.31.09 9 years ago 53 Comments

After all the predicting, rationalizing & theorizing, the NBA Finals are set. The Black Mamba & the Kobes versus Superman & friends. Here’s seven random thoughts on what’s happened thus far & could happen next.

1. Did you notice that Nike dropped off two MVPuppets commercials during Friday’s game, knowing that it would be the last time they would be relevant? They rushed those through like soon to expire milk. How long will it be before we see the other 5-7 “unreleased” commercials hit Youtube?

2. Speaking of King James, wasn’t it poor sportsmanship to duck the media after the loss? After any other game (specifically after the Miracle shot), he made sure to make himself available, almost seeking out Craig Sager (whose suits make him easy to spot). Last night, nil. No interviews. Even worse, he didn’t shake hands with the Magic. :| @ the lack of sportsmanship & maturity there.

Considering that the media has helped make LeBron the star he is, following his every move since high school, it seemed to be poor tastes that he didn’t speak to them last night. Yes, a season-ending loss is a huge L to absorb. But one of the first things you learn in organized sports is lining up & shaking hands with the other team. Dear LeBron, see if the Cavs can help you find a wee bit of maturity over the offseason.

As the game dwindled down & as he exited the court, he had the Friday, “he gon’ cry in the car” look on his face.

3. Before the Magic-Cavs series, Charles Barkley predicted the Magic would win. As previously stated, I pointed to the TV & literally called him “a shittin’ fool.” Nevertheless, he was the only TNT cat to call the series. Last night, he went against the grain again (Reggie “Lakers in 6,” Kenny “Lakers in 6”) and took the Magic in 7 for the Finals. Remember that because I will. Barkley’s a degenerate; his money depends on being able to call these things. Yet…

4. …It’s not that hard to call, considering the Magic trumped the Lakers 2-0 in head-to-head matchups this year. But, that was with Jameer Nelson runnin’ point, a slightly different player than “Skip To My Lou.”

For me, the bigs will almost cancel themselves out. Mickael Pietrus should play be able to hold his own on both ends of the court. Rashard Lewis will get his points, but one of the Kobes from off the bench should be able to provide offsetting

Yes, the x-factor will be Lamar Odom. Sure, he’s a poor man’s Pippen to a certain degree. But he can get the job done, especially if his ailing back allows. And as he goes, so go the Lakers.

Speaking of Jameer…

5. Dear Magic, don’t be boneheads & Jameer don’t allow it. Do NOT suit up Jameer Nelson. Let the man’s knee heal properly.

6. The guy pictured is your fellow commenter & longtime TSS supporter, Turk. It’s rare that Turk & I are on the same side of arguments. You see how he mocks me, knowing that I’ve been chasing those Asics in my size for roughly a calendar year now? But, for this series, we’ll be on the same side of things. I’ll be rooting for the Lakers.

A.) Kobe’s Manifest Destiny has been to win a championship without Shaq. I’ve mentioned this before as well: Kobe is still the best player in the league, but he’s looking @ his watch. Give him one last ring & let’s just get this out of the way.

B.) Kobe & Nike > Dwight Howard & adidas. Sometimes, we decide our loyalties by the most intricate of nuances. And although I usually root for the underdog, I pretty much hate adidas and find it hard to support any athlete under contract with them or Reebok.

7. Admit it, you laughed when this commercial came on last night.

In fact, let me go spend some QT with my own family. Lord knows I’ve been neglecting them with all these crucial games coming on every single night. Thanks David Stern.

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