God Bless The Dead…

12.25.06 11 years ago 20 Comments

I wasn’t planning and update.

Nope, I was just going to enjoy the day with friends and family.

But when I strolled to the computer to do my morning rituals, I saw the news results for the day…and read that James Brown died.

No, I’m not truly old enough to say I understood the whole hype around James. The only real song I remember him putting out in my lifetime was “Living In America,” which was on some Rocky soundtrack. And if you were born in the past fifteen years, it’s likely that all you can remember is all the trials and tribulations Brown faced with the judicial system.

But I remember my grandad and dad tellin stories about how James would come to my grandad’s club, perform and then stay @ the house with them or at least come by to eat. I can remember my dad, straining his face just like James, singin tracks like “Please…” or “It’s A Man’s World.”

I’m wise enough to have read enough about him & the time period and to gather that basically many copied their rhythm and vocal patterns, style and formula from the man.

And for those reasons, on what should be a great day (and still will be), I recognize that part of what we know as American music has passed away. Not just hip-hop; not just black music…all of music.

When I look @ the collection below, the funny thing is that I can’t point to one particular song that I should hightlight, or that I at least don’t know some if not all of the lyrics. And mind you, this wasn’t music that I grew up with…I grew up on it. Through family playing it and singing along to it, or thru hip-hop artists like PE, Cube, etc. sampling it and making me want to discover it…I know them all.

I implore you to take the time to start learning them now yourself. Even if they don’t “appeal” to you, there’s a generation of performers now who were, directly or indirectly, influenced by the true “Godfather Of Soul.”

James Brown-20 All Time Greatest Hits!

1. I Got You (I Feel Good)

2. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, Pt.1

3. I Got The Feelin’

4. Mother Popcorn, Pt.1

5. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose

6. Make It Funky, Pt.1

7. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Pt.1

8. Think

9. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

10. Try Me

11. Night Train

12. Cold Sweat, Pt.1

13. Get On The Good Foot

14. Papa Don’t Take No Mess, Pt.1

15. Payback, The

16. Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud), Pt.1

17. Super Bad, Pts.1&2

18. Hot Pants, Pt.1

19. Get Up Offa That Thing

20. Please, Please, Please

Download Link

If you want to see James’ musical influence on hip-hop, peep ?Love’s Myspace blog entry for today.

One thing about it, the “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business” can finally rest.

God bless the dead.

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