7even:Thirty Revisited

03.25.09 9 years ago 25 Comments

Over the last few months there’s been an influx of pseudo-futuristic, sing/rap-fusion types who seem to enjoy thrift store shopping and being “weird.” Most of them leave me unimpressed and feeling their “outer space” music is manufactured to cash in on the wacky craze Hip-Hop seems to be obsessed with.

But when I listen to 7even:Thirty I can’t help but think he’s what these new cats wish they were.

7even allows his brain to travel to other planets with his feet firmly planted in the soil of Jackson, Mississippi. When listening to his music I feel his references to outer space come naturally and only further the metaphors of each song instead of just being a “martian” for hipster’s sake.

But beyond all of that, 7even:Thirty is an undeniable beast on the mic:

Critical thinker, the wrong type
To feed off making aggins jump on the style cuz
Every time they bite it just go down the wrong pipe
So they don’t breathe
Closed throat face froze spits and nosebleeds
Blaze those hits make you think that he smoke weed” — from “ASR10”

Something I enjoy about 7even is he goes to outer space, but revels in taking the city of Jackson with him. “Starbirth” is a coming of age track with a smattering of intergalactic talk, making it unique but still relatable. Since I wrote about 7even almost ten months ago, I find myself revisiting his music and enjoying it much more than these other artists driving that outside-the-box lane.

Here are a few 7even:Thirty tracks to get you reacquainted with the homie. Trust, you will hear more from him in due time.


7even:Thirty – “Starbirth”


7even:Thirty -“ASR10” (Prod. by DJ Illnaughty)


7even:Thirty – “Acid Reflexxx”

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