Sam The Rapping Stomach Explains How To Eat Healthy

01.17.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Does your inability to resist those tempting treats when half-baked have you losing battles with your metabolism and feeling a little lethargic? Well, if you’re not quite ready to dive into an all-out gym regimen or count calories, keep your stagnant ass on that couch and watch this informative clip.

Featuring an animated, rapping character named Sam Stomach and featuring a fairly-knocking beat, this completely random-yet-necessary cartoon aims to help those prone to diabetes and obesity. How, you ask? With an unorthodox dieting proposal that skips the gimmicks and focuses on simply stripping your eating routine down to 80 bites of food per day.

Sure, limiting your intake to that specific of a number might seem odd, but by focusing on how much you eat before what you eat, your stomach is retrained to eat less, naturally. Fewer bites means lessening your chances of becoming a statistic. So skip the mindless eating and enjoy your meals and be conscious of your intake. Just some food for thought.

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