“9-0-2-1-Oh No No No…”

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Donna, David, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Dylan… shoot… even Andrea.

I was a rabid 90210 fan. Possibly the only other television show that had me transfixed beyond that gem was The Wire. So with Michael Lee hitting West Beverly High, of course I watched the premiere of Aaron Spelling’s re-hash.

Never again.

It’s not that the show was corny — that’s the point — it’s that the revisited program did nothing to alleviate Aaron Spelling’s chief concerns about its predecessor’s casting. In a special about the history of the show, A-Spell once said something to the effect of his greatest regret about the line-up was the lack of ethnic diversity. It was truly one of the most white-washed programs I can remember watching, especially considering the serious spread of people living in Los Angeles.

So when I saw the poster for this incarnation of 90210, my thought process went…

1. Why is Michael Lee on 90210?
2. Thank the Lord in heaven above… not everyone is white.
3. But…WTF? Why is Tristan Wilds the only non-white teen on the show?

But let me make one thing explicitly clear – none of the aforementioned matters one iota if you watched the show because…

A) Tristan Wilds’ character is called “Dixon Wilson,” quite possibly the worst name in television history.
B) Dixon Wilson is the adopted child of a white family.
C) Tristan Wilds is, in fact, the ONLY black person on the show.

Now, I’m a very non-PC person… but how do we turn a blind eye to basic demographic facts? There are nearly as many Hispanic residents as there are Caucasian in L.A. and more than 10 percent of the population is African American, as well as another 10 percent who are Asian American. Granted, about 80 percent of Beverly Hills proper is white… but I will put my hundredaire life savings on a bet that Beverly Hills High School has more than one black student. And there have got to be some Asians, Armenians, Mexicans, etc. as well. But not on the show.

One, fam. One.

Michael Lee.

Surrounded by 80 lb. bitches with bottle-blonde tresses, scenester Gucci-and-gold get-ups and an inch of make up slathered on their snowy white skin.

I’m sure this is what Aaron Spelling had in mind when he said diversity.

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