9 More Rappers Who Desperately Need A Name Change

02.05.14 4 years ago 45 Comments

hello my name is

When it comes to Hip-Hop at TSS, we just want to share our opinions on music we can appreciate, with positive praise and criticism alike. Sometimes, however, certain MCs can’t even crack our radar and not because they’re bad.

When an artist bases their whole music career around an unfortunate rap moniker, they hold themselves back and make any post we might write invalid from the get go. Therefore, there’s no point in checking them out, amidst the swarm of other options. However, we’re fans before journalists. So, if we think that way, why wouldn’t the masses?

In the latest installment of our unfortunately regular series, below are nine more rappers desperately in need of a name change.

tae bae bae cover

Tae Bae Bae

Can you imagine branding yourself after a Hurricane Chris song? Getting exposure is hard enough as a rapper, let alone when you’re named after a gimmick most got tired of in a month. Yet, that’s what this possibly-incarcerated Tampa, FL MC felt would work best. More possum to him.

strap da fool

Strap Da Fool

As a member of the rather successful group Travis Porter, Strap Da Fool is probably fine whether he changes his name or not – for the time being. Yet, having that moniker is equivalent to having a neck tattoo, when applying for a real world job. It doesn’t matter how good he is at what the does, no one will ever take that Fool seriously.



Yup. This is real life. But, considering the Lil Durk affiliate was last seen posing with a rocket launcher, well…we’re actually OK with this name. Totally and completely OK with it. No need to reconsider, maybe, changing to something more applicable. At all.



From a rapper who named themselves after a NBA player to another who just spits with one, we have B-Simp. Now, like most rappers on this list, he’s just fine at what he does. However, rappers don’t really want to be associated with simping. His name is saying literally that. He might as well be named B-Soft. Beyond the obvious, he’s not Bart Simpson, either.

peter jackson

Peter Jackson

When an artist is coming up with their name, they’ve got to consider how the name they choose will fair in Google search results. If there’s strong competition, reconsidering in favor of something less generic is key.

In the case of this promising Canadian MC, he’s up against the director of Lord Of The Rings. We understand this is probably Mr. Jackson’s government name, but changing that up is going to do wonders for his career – that is, if he wants people to hear his music.

rico rossi

Rico Rossi

C’mon, man. Coming up with a rap name doesn’t mean taking another artist’s name who is currently popular and slightly altering it. A rapper named Meeky Millz isn’t going to pop off. Kendricko Jamar won’t either. Blake has a chance, but it’s in poor taste.

Even if this Bay Area rapper had the name first, three years ago would have been the time for a change.

manny man

Manny Man

All things considered, this rap name isn’t completely terrible. There’s a decent ring to it. But, on face value, this Baltimore rapper sounds more like a kids cartoon character than an MC.

drumma boy

Drumma Boy Fresh

Damnit, Drumma. We didn’t want to do this. With countless hit track to his name and over a decade of renown work in the game, the ATL producer is somewhat of a Trap legend. Yet, that’s exactly why we hated when he added Fresh to his name, when he recently decided to rap. It’s one thing to want to push your raps, after that long as a producer. It’s another to water down the brand name you’ve built up over that extended period.

wave chappelle

Wave Chappelle

Someone. Anyone. Find Dave Chappelle, tell him about this Milwaukee rapper. Then, film his response. Please.

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