10 Awesomely Bad Video Game Rap Commercials From The ’90s

08.08.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

10 Bad Video Game Rap Commercials lead

An overlooked fact of life is that video games and rap music are like twins*. Both had their break-out point in the mid-’80s. Both enable the listener/player experience and live out fantasies.

We’ve seen rap-based games in Def Jam Rapstar and Parappa the Rapper, and even Skyrim had its run-in with swag rap. There are also a lot of titles that include some form of rap in their soundtracks.

Back in the day, though, when rap was simply the voice of the young people, video game companies marketed to their customers using catchy bars over generic beats. Some were actually down-right adorable, while others were cringe-worthy and left you wondering what the hell you just heard.

So we compiled a list of video game commercialism built to rap tunes. Enjoy.

* – Also, both are blamed for the corruption and destruction of the youth in America. But that’s for another article.

1. Atari 2600 — Run-DMC would be proud.

2. Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening — Dammit, this track needed a full 16 and a hook.

3. Sega Mega Drive — A middle-aged Englishman rapping about video games with not one lick of sense or a rhyming word… #INeedAnAdult

4. Atari 2600 Part 2 — If this commercial was anymore late ’80s/early ’90s cliché, you’d think it was made this year as a parody.

5. Camerica Freedom Stick — The usage of rap beats and middle-American white families seems right here.

6. Legend of Zelda x Nintendo Entertainment System — Since when does the geek hang with the bad boy?

7. Atari 7800 — I guess we know where Jaden and Willow got their swag from.

8. Video Power“Yeeeeah. That’s right…Wooooorrd.”

9. Super Mario Bros. Super Show! — A perfectly awkward theme for a perfectly awkward show.

10. Toe Jam and Earl x Sega Genesis — The first six seconds sounded like this was about to be a sick ass video, then it kept going.

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