’98 Notable Quotable – Big Pun From “Terror Squadians”

08.09.08 9 years ago 18 Comments

Your style is unoffic’

Niggaz like you stay on my wanted list

Pun and Prince, we walkin’ on kings, like a son of a bitch

Fuckin’ with this is hazardous to amateur battlers

Average niggas get lost in the course of embarrassment

Of course you don’t have a chance, I’m the boss in your eminence

Get tossed in the ambulance with the force of an avalanche

I’ll torture your fragile ass with rhetorical paragraphs

For all of you that’ll laugh at a historical aftermath

I come equipped, my tongue and lips are like a hundred clips

Look behind you, I’ll blind you like when the sun eclipse

Ain’t no second chances, I glance at niggas, make em’ wet they pants-es

Chances are slim if Twinz done swing the rest of the ransom

The best and the champion, that means I’m far beyond

Dionne read my palm, told me to get on and put my army on

Come along, follow the Don, my motto and song

Is for tomorrow, cause today’s almost already gone

Let’s get on, split your belly with the machete long

Tear your arms of your shoulders, and tell ya to— hold on!

I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right

I used to bust steel all night, but now I gotta deal


Big Pun from Fat Joe’s “Terror Squadians” off the album Don Cartagena

Who doesn’t miss Pun’s sadistic humor on the tracks he laced? Tear your arms of your shoulders and tell you to hold on!!?!? You can almost picture him doing it, cracking jokes while some sorry sucker bleeds to death. And try to follow along with his rhyming rampage. Yeah the vocals were punched but the end product can’t be denied. While the entire TS gave this joint the business, Punisher punished it, proving he was indeed the crew’s biggest star.

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