9th Wonder Breaks Down The Making Of Jay-Z’s “Threat”

02.21.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Beat architect 9th Wonder sits down with Life+Times for one of their most recent entries in the Decoded series and shares the creation story behind Jay-Z’s “Threat.”. As he explains, 9th was summoned to Baseline Studios to meet up with Jay, playing nearly 30 beats before Hov told him how he wanted the song executed. From there, the rest ends up as history but the story includes tidbits about chopped up samples, “the New York bounce,” R. Kelly, Roc chains, Rell (where the hell is that guy?) that give the narrative its guts.

The only thing 9th didn’t explain was the who, what, when, where, why and how behind the song other primary character, “Threats,” the guy who promised to chop listeners up and “put us inside the mattress like drug money.”

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