Respond / React: 9th Wonder, Young Guru Hilariously Debate How Rappers Should Approach Kendrick’s “Control,” Just Blaze Says We’re “Overreacting”

08.14.13 4 years ago 40 Comments

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Are you tired of talking about “Control” yet? No? That’s awesome because I’m not either. Here we have older gawds 9th Wonder and Young Guru analyzing Kendrick’s rabble-rousing verse. Their convo runs at nearly eight minutes but well worth a play for fellow rap nerds. Just Blaze also chimes in with a much shorter, separate piece.

The best thing about 9th’s and Young Guru’s exchange is seeing veterans still very much invested in current rap music: chopping it up just like we do in person or on the Internets everyday. It’s easy to brand older heads as grouches but the perception doesn’t hold here. So, while their advice is valuable, their enthusiasm and delivery throughout make this video great.

Just Blaze takes a much cooler approach but you never have to second guess his, 9th’s or Young Guru’s intentions. They’ve all done well for themselves off this music but they’re still fans and care about its trajectory. I find their optimism reassuring especially after I offer LC the highest of fives over her words on the matter.

Shoot, heads might nod in agreement plenty of times while watching. I’ve seen 9th’s, Young Guru’s and Just Blaze’s sentiments shared here and elsewhere plenty times over. Of course, rappers have to be rappers and it’s clear they’ll learn the hard way. Then again it must feel good to be like-minded with three of rap’s most notable sound providers.

Spotted: Nodfactor, Hip-Hop Wired

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