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04.17.08 10 years ago 29 Comments

While cruising my parameters the other day in the homie’s whip, he threw on a CDR he had buried in the back of his 75-disc excuse to break into his car. It was beat up, to say the least. One of those mixes you’ve gotta’ spit on and rub off with your tee for it to actually play.

Anyways, somewhere in between SPM and Spitfya, Slick Rick’s “Street Talkin” made it’s way into rotation…and had my mind spinning more than the skipping disc.

It’s not that I’ve never heard it before, just that it’d been damn near three years and I’d forgotten about how dope a jam was when Slick Rick and Outkast was on it. Aside from the jazzy beat and dime piece chorus, The Ruler and Daddy Fat Sacks lace it easier than some Velcro kicks.

When the song ended for the second time around and my breezy feeling had alleviated itself due to some good old-fashioned Michigan springtime snow, I wondered aloud if Rick had a Greatest Hits album on the shelves. Upon returning home and checking Amazon, I was given the same answer I usually give when asked if one of my roommates can rock the Timbos.

That unsuccessful quest for convenience led me to this post.

Being a mere 23 years young, I ain’t up the Uncle Ricky like most old-fashioned heads.

Shit, my best memory of dude is from an old MTV interview he did from Rikers, where he must’ve said “you know what I’m sayin” literally about two hundred times in ten minutes. Dispite the circumstances, I thought it was hilarious. Other than that, the only time I really get to hear that sassy voice of his is when I’m banging my burned copy of Adventures of… once a month, or when I happen to catch him on a feature hear or there. Basically, my fingers ain’t the only things unpolished, you know what I’m sayin’?

Ignorance aside, this is where you fine-tuned TSS locals come into play.

All you crate diggers and bootleggers out there, who are knee deep in the know; I want you guys to educate me on the most recognizable one-eyed man in America. The Hip-Hop icon. He’s got four solo albums, a laundry list of guest features and more than enough classic material to fill up a make-shift Greatest Hits mix to put your boy Beware on game. If ya’ll can fill me up to the 79-minute brim, I can promise I’ll pass along the history lesson…and keep it scratch free.

I mean, seeing as he’s royalty, how could I not?

Slick Rick – Street Talkin (Feat. Big Boi)

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