“A Hero Ain’t Nothin But A Sandwich…”

06.08.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

The above video is proof of how you can go from hero to goat with one shot. I literally wanted to kick Courtney Lee in the nuts after he blew the bunny. Sure, it was a difficult shot…for me. I don’t care that he’s a rookie; Courtney Lee is still a professional. He’s probably been jumpin’ out the jump since late elementary school so he’s used to the altitude. He makes the big bucks so I fully expect him to make shit like this, possibility of goaltending by Gasol & all.

All in all, I need Orlando to win a game in LA & I still think they can. I remember counting them out after watching them blow two last-second games to Philly, only to see them bounce back & win that series. Last night, Mark Jack & the other announcers kept talking about the Magic’s resilency. Well, right now, I need them to bite their belt on some John Rambo shit & pull out @ least one win. David Stern’s made for TV scheduling of the playoffs, with a game every night, it’s got me spoiled. I’m conditioned to having championship-caliber basketball every night. It was hard enough to wait the required days between games one & two but I consider that to be part of the weaning process. Still, I’m not ready to leave the basketball teat yet so, Orlando, let’s goooo! Do not get swept in L.A.!

*End rant*

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