Joseph Guillermo Jones, II, Auteur: A Look Back At Jim’s Best-Directed Videos

10.16.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Jim Jones just might be headed down the wrong career track. If the sales of Pray IV Reign were any indication (and the actual music itself), folks aren’t too inclined hearing Jim spit without the likes of Juelz and Cam (or Max, for that matter) propping him up by providing him up surrounding him with their ghostwritten prose guest verses. However, one area where Jim has shown considerable aptitude (besides ad-libbin’, of course) is video direction. Who knows his actual involvement behind the camera, but the following clips bearing his name (or his pseudonym CAPO) are just so beautifully hood.

The Diplomats – “Dipset Anthem/I Really Mean It” (2003)
If there’s any clip that visualized the Roc’s strength in numbers, then this was it.

Juelz Santana Feat. Cam’ron – “Santana’s Town” (2003)
This track will forever be remembered for Juelz’s lyrical gems (“I’m a baller, baller/You’re not at all a baller”). To Jim’s credit, the idea of having the camera follow Juelz around town in third-person was pretty damn dope, as was the Killer Bigga Mike cameo.

State Property – “Criminal Background/Temporary Relief” (2003)
The security camera shot is a nice touch to the Point Break-inspired clip. And the dice-rollin’ with diamonds just had to be Jimmy’s idea.

Cam’ron Feat. Jaheim – “Lord You Know” (2004)
Jimmy’s best execution of a plot, involving Bubbles and Bodie from The Wire, the latter of which comes off convincing as a conflicted undercover. Jim’s guest spot on the HBO classic would provide further proof the man has great taste in television.

Jim Jones Feat. Cam’ron & The Game – “Certified Gangstas” (2005)
For most, this was our introduction to The Game, the quintessential Cali Gang Banger. How wrong we were is a testament to Jim’s work in this clip. Capo’s pigtails and perm are pretty damn priceless, as well.

Jim Jones Feat. Max B/G’s Up – “Baby Girl” (2005)
The ignorance on display in the first half is truly remarkable. The second half? Well, that offered a prelude to an even bigger show of ignorance: Cam on 60 Minutes.

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