Surf Club: A Wave Of Momentum

09.23.10 7 years ago

The “Fall Classic” is weeks away and fans everywhere continue to make plans for the pilgrimage to the strip club capital of America. In an ideal world, it’d be nice if the Braves ended up in the World Series, but I’m actually referring to A3C. The list is set and proves to be a who’s who of talent if you’re neck deep in this Hip-Hop sh!t like we know you are. You’ve got your favorites just like we do ours so feel free to let it be known in the comments. An act in particular I’m excited to see on the card is the Los Angeles based group Surf Club.

We’ve been highlighting the ensemble for awhile now and they have always come across as humble and hungry artists. Even with producing a platinum record earlier this year, it’s always been family first – evident with the release Kent M$ney’s latest project. They’ll be in the A and for any artist or fan in attendance, be sure to network. Looking for down to earth people who are willing to share the knowledge they’ve learned thus far and willing to work? They’re your people.

Get more familiar by heading over to their site for more audio, visuals and background info. Hopefully Hit Boy and Chase grace the stage to perform this record though. I mess with this.

DownloadHit Boy & Chase N. Cashe – “Ahh Shit”

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