Aaliyah’s Family: “There Is No Official Album Being Released”

08.07.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

Drake spoke first, then Timbaland weighed in before being followed by the release of “Enough Said” which featured the Canadian rapper alongside the deceased singer. However, the latest and maybe final word has come from Aaliyah’s brother Rashad.

The above message was posted on Aaliyah’s official Facebook page yesterday, declaring that the singer’s family wouldn’t support any releases with her name on them. But, things get tricky, which Necole notes, when you look at the artwork for “Enough Said” and it bears the logo of the late singer’s label (ran by her uncle Barry Hankerson) and surely Drake wouldn’t have announced a project of such magnitude without proper clearance, right? Tossing in another wrinkle, it looks like Timb may actually be involved with the project.

The best possible answer to all of the confusion? Let the dead rest, no shade directed at any of the aforementioned parties.

To date, Aaliyah’s legacy has been well protected and virtually untouched. Truly, a new crop of rapper including the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar have done much to bring her name back into the public consciousness by constantly citing her as a musical influence. Still, it should remain that: a name reference, letting curious young, new fans to discover her works as they were originally released. For better or worse though, we know that posthumous works generate profits for surviving family, music labels and more. As a recent example, look no further than Michael Jackson, who was reportedly millions in debt when he died and now his estate is now said to be worth more than a billion. The next move will most likely be determined by who owns Aaliyah’s music, not who has her best interests at heart.

In semi-related news, Drake got another tat dedicated to Aaliyah after already having one of her face on his back.

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