Ab-Soul Ft. Action Bronson & Asaad – “Stigmata”

05.22.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

Ab-Soul - Stigmata

Watch, with the internet alone I enlighten the whole globe
That’s eye (i)Tunes from a nigga with astigmatism
I got it from my moms, thank you Steve Jobs
You took my grandpa job and you gave me a job
Not just a physical but digital way of displayin’ my rhymes

Last week, BEWARE asked the $25,000 question when he wondered why Ab-Soul wasn’t getting the same commercial push as his TDE peers. Everybody chimed in with answers, input and questions, which created a healthy discussion and even Ab slyly chimed in, too.

I’ve always viewed TDE’s three-head monster* like this:

Ab — Very deep, esoteric even. Far left leaning.
ScHool – Street and accessible. Street fiction is comfortable for him.
Kendrick — The happy medium of the other two.

For what it’s worth, my favorite artist of the three is never constant because they all know how to pick their spots to shine while the other members allow them the space to do so. Obviously, Kendrick and Q are more marketable off content alone but there’s a niche for Soulo there. It may not be as big or far-reaching, but it exists. In fact, I always look at Curren$y as a strong example of an artist knowing who his fans are and how to endear himself to them.

However, building that base takes time and material moreso than money invested in marketing. That’s not to say that Ab doesn’t deserve it; he just may not need it as much as the others right now.

His base will be built by making more songs like “Stigmata,” dense songs that people who like rappidy rap will tear into, dissect the lyrics then run off to share with their friends. In an odd way, allowing fans to pick the release date for These Days plays right into that. Creating an ownership of sorts and bringing them closer to the album and the artist.

More music and more time. And more people spreading the gospel on his behalf.

* — I didn’t forget Jay Rock. Nobody can after his verse on “Money Trees.” Patiently waiting to see what his next move will be.

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