AbJo Got Mad Beats, Yo

08.15.13 4 years ago

abjo we run the night

There must be something in the West Coast air that’s breeding these young, high-caliber producers. Today’s spotlight, however, belongs to San Diego’s AbJo. He’s got plenty of joints to sift through but we’ll stick to a couple of his bigger projects to get you guys acquainted.

AbJo’s The Abjonian Suite serves as our first stop. This mix blends 30 minutes and change of neck snappers intertwined with undeniably smooth cuts. The Abjonian Suite has been out for a minute but it does a good job of exhibiting his style with brevity. Funky samples get flipped with great production in a constant stream of throwback rap tunes.

Moreover, upon hearing The Abjonian Suite, you may notice there’s something great about hearing a young producer making traditional Hip-Hop. The influence from the likes of Dilla, Madlib and Dibia$e are evident but not overwhelming. The distinction let’s his style shine through which is paramount for any beatmaker. Plus the project’s great with a proper system or for that last push at the end of the work day.


Save some time for his latest project as well: The Art of Refixing. You can hear him incorporate his Hip-Hop leanings towards some more progressive sounds and sampling techniques. The kids call them “future” beats but I simply regard them as “dope.”

The album benefits from a cohesive selection of songs and I’m constantly changing my favorites off of it. Right now the “AGHT” and “Thrice” get the most burn lately. They’re equally lush and play with some breezy vibes and catchy percussion patterns.

The growth between both releases blasts through even though they’re less than a year apart. AbJo’s got plenty more tunes for your listening pleasure on his Soundcloud and bandcamp pages, too. Before you go, listen to The Abjonian Suite and The Art Of Refixing both available to stream below.

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