Ace Hood Keeps It ‘All The Way G’ On Stirring New Stereo Killer

05.13.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

ace hood all the way g big

A lot of garbage rap songs out there will get much more attention than Ace Hood’s “All The Way G” and that’s a damn shame. This new firecracker from FLA’s ultimate underdog finds Ace continuing his climb towards career stability, rapping his ass off over cement-cracking production from FKI/The Mekanics and displaying more passion than nearly every one of his peers. But, that’s always been his MO, whether people give Ace credit or not.

Seeing as DJ Khaled is now more popular now than ever before, let’s hope he doesn’t forgot his right hand homie Hood. When Starvation 5 drops, it deserves just as much publicity as his shoes or whatever crap he’s being paid to yell about. Ace Hood has been better than a lot of these cats and people need to hear about it.

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