Ace Hood Feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – “Hustle Hard (Remix)” Video

05.12.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

We’re still a few months away from compiling our favorite songs of the halfway point of 2011, yet I feel confident in saying the remix to Ace Hood’s street/club/radio anthem has a spot already secured. It encompasses everything a hit single could possibly desire: a grandiose beat, infectious hook and superb verses. That’s great and all, but the visual treatment wasn’t anything to write home and sing praises about. And the remix video isn’t much better. In fact, it’s a huge disappointment. Shot in the apparent YMCMB/We The Best green screen studio, this video is just like 90% of its country cousins.

Maybe this stems from the overabundance of music videos these days, but feeling Ace and the powers that be dropped the ball on this one is just too barefaced to ignore. Seriously, for as often as these camps boast about their financial successes and the respective grinds it has taken them to get to the present day, this video is the exact opposite of what the title suggests. This had the potential to be something special but instead was traded for five video chicks, rolling papers and a third round draft pick in 2013. And that’s not “hating” because I happen to be big fans of Wayne and Ross.

Let me get off my soapbox though. It’s almost the weekend and I still have no clue what I’m getting into.

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