The Life Of Jackie Robinson Will Soon Become A Movie

01.14.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

Before the technical experts come charging guns a blazing, leave the “Jackie Robinson wasn’t the first to do what he did” argument at the front door. We’re all aware. Still, the impact and legacy of the Brooklyn Bomber deserves to be praised for what his courage meant to not only sports, but civil rights as a whole. Hence the reason 42 will be hitting theaters in 2013.

Starring Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman and Christopher Meloni (“Elliot Stabler” from Law & Order: SVU), the trials, tribulations and accomplishments of the man who made history and challenged conventional wisdom on April 15, 1947 are explored on the silver screen. While I’m not not a movie expert in any stretch of the imagination, I’m a history buff and a sports nut so my interest is piqued off the subject alone. Here’s to hoping not being let down.

This is one story Hollywood shouldn’t strike out with.*

* – Because, you know, Hollywood has never messed up on a historical presentation before.

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