Action Bronson – “Barry Horowitz” Video

03.30.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Hip-Hop and wrestling have had a unique, varied relationship in the past, from Curt Hennig’s oh-so-eloquent “Rap Is Crap” – a reaction to Master P’s presence in WCW, a partnership best forgotten by the world – to Three 6 Mafia creating a new theme song for Mark Henry a few years back, to the mental pastures of our own David D. Adding to this rich history, Action Bronson delivers “Barry Horowitz,” the first video from his new album, Dr. Lecter, but unlike the one-time WWF star, this track is no plucky underdog. The Queens representative delivers a hyperkinetic series of bars over a rocking instrumental from Tommy Mas, showing off a polished flow and a mind for unconventional, vivid imagery. Action Bronson’s leaping high off the turnbuckle with this one, poised to crash down on any who would doubt his skill.

Dr. Lecter is available on iTunes now.

Cred: A.Richter

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