There Will Be An Action Bronson Food Truck Today And New Yorkers Should Go To It

07.27.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

action bronson food truck

Today, the neighborhood of Bushwick in the borough of Brooklyn will have a “block party.”

It’s not civic-sponsored, but rather thrown by the millenial progenitors of gentrifying cool, Ray Ban, Vice, Mishka and Vans, and it will run from noon until 11 pm. Lots of sweet, trendy things will probably happen there like post-post-post-post ironic dialogue and lots of meta reflections on whatever the Supreme set bullsh*ts about these days.

But there will also be an Action Bronson food truck. Oh yes, Bam Bam will have his own truck with his giant mug plastered onto the side of the god damn thing and, when he’s not performing, will oversee the entire vehicular operation. So New York TSS readers: head to the party and let us know what Bronsolini’s serving and what it’s like. Granted, it might just end up being a Bronson-endorsed truck, but who knows: you could end up getting a slice of Roberta’s ‘za (or something) made and delivered by the man himself*.

Plus, I’m dog-sitting all day, so I can’t make it. I want to live vicariously through you. The whole shebang’s on Moore Street between Bogart and White, two blocks from the Morgan Street L train. It’s free to attend. Find more details here or if you just want to look at a picture of a wizard riding a surfboard.

Oh, and as a bonus, below is a new Bronson track, produced by Harry Fraud, called “Water Sports.” It’s saucy.

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Photo: @bambambaklava

* – It is going to dovetail with Bushwick pizza OGs Roberta’s “4 Ovens of Doom” Giant Pizza Party, so there’s a good chance he’s serving pizza.

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