Tracklistings: Action Bronson + Harry Fraud’s ‘Saaab Stories’

05.30.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

action bronson_saaab stories_cover

If any album cover had the potential to match the content within, Action Bronson’s Saaab Stories would be that one. Bam Bam’s back with Harry Fraud again. The project’s due on June 11 through VICE/Atlantic Records

Oh yeah, Alexander Richter deserves a ton of credit for shooting the cover.


01 72 Virgins [ft. Big Body Bes]
02 Triple Backflip
03 No Time
04 The Rockers [ft. Wiz Khalifa]
05 Strictly 4 My Jeeps
06 Alligator
07 Seven Series Triplets [ft. Prodigy and Raekwon]

Lifted: Vice

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