Action Bronson & RiFF RaFF – “Bird On A Wire” Video

02.10.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Where do we start? I mean, Riff Raff is signed with Soulja Boy, has a neck tattoo of the MTV logo and used to be featured on reality television’s equivalent to adult education, From G’s To Gents. Action Bronson, on the other hand, happens to be one of the more talented up & comers in Hip-Hop and has a Teflon reputation to match. So, how the hell these two polar opposites linked up for this “Bird On A Wire” video is beyond all of us. You want to know the craziest part, though? The sh*t works.

Coasting over Harry Fraud’s menacing, lo-fi horns and sprinkles of spliced in sax notes, Bronson casually deals out the highlights of his daily being, setting up Raffy for an alley-oop to slam home, which he surprisingly does with his Houston drawl and atypical quick-tongued flow. Meaning, just like that, the guy known more for doing songs with Lil B and generally being a space case has been vindicated in the eyes of many.

Not me, though. I’m still too weirded out by the dude’s facial hair.

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