Actual Proof – The Talented Tenth Mixtape

01.20.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

In his essay The Talented Tenth, W.E.B. DuBois reasoned that one in ten black men would rise to be leaders in the world & that in turn more classical education would be needed to help them reach their potential. Raleigh, NC duo Actual Proof, Sundown & Enigma, are striving to carry on that line of thinking after fittingly meeting at 9th Wonder’s Hip-Hop In Context course at N.C. Central University.

The project is comprised of two sides – The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Experience and The Malcolm X Experience – that will both take listeners on a peaceful journey and give them a sense of urgency.

Joining Sundown and Enigma on their journey are fellow emcees Rapsody, Thee Tom Hardy, Laws, Naledge, Kendrick Lamar and many more, with production work provided by 9th Wonder, Khrysis, AMP, Ka$h and Eric. G. – DJ Booth

Channeling Martin, Malcolm & Dubois all in one sitting & it’s not even February yet.

DownloadActual Proof – The Talented Tenth

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