NFL Draft Prospect Skips Combine, Hangs Out In The Airport For Days Instead…All On God’s Orders

03.01.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

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Words by Alec Bojalad

Used to be God would tell a guy to build an ark or carry some stone tablets down a mountain. Now he’s just trolling late-round NFL running back prospects.

Former San Diego Aztec RB Adam Muema, who you may remember as the guy who left the NFL combine because God told him to do so, spent three days living at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida…because God told him to do so.

Muema was unable to be reached by friends or family for several days until Muema called his training partner, Oklahoma linebacker Corey Nelson to be picked up.

Nelson told UT San Diego that Muema was still wearing his NFL combine gear when he got into the car and that he seemed “focused, cheerful and very wise.”

“He said he was at the airport for three days straight,” Nelson said. “He was telling me when I picked him up that God told him to stay at the airport and don’t do anything, just stay there. That’s what he did for three days straight.

Muema was even going to stay a fourth day but had to tap out as he hadn’t even eaten during his three day airport stay.

Not like it matters much in light of his recent religious reawakening/sad break from reality, but Muema was projected to be a 4th to 7th round projection in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was the fourth all-time leading rusher in San Diego history.

But that’s all a moot point when you take yourself out of the combine. Unless your name is Johnny Manziel, you kind of have to throw up some measurements at the Combine to get considered (and Johnny Football wouldn’t even risk skipping it).

Muema said he was told by God that if he skipped workouts at the Combine, he would fulfill his goal of playing for the Seattle Seahawks (who have Marshawn Lynch and drafed another RB with their first pick last year). Maybe there’s some perverse logic in holding out of workouts to end up as an undrafted free agent on team you favor but that would hardly explain the three-day airport stay, unless by “God,” Muema means “Pete Carroll” who is being uncharacteristically cruel.

Clearly Muema has just gone batsh*t, which is unsurprising given the stress associated with the NFL Draft process. It’s a small wonder at least one player a year doesn’t get a mysterious message from God to leave the Combine and open up a Denny’s or something.

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