Did Adele’s Middle Finger Point Out Our Backwards Priorities?

02.22.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Last night, during the Brit Awards, Adele won the British Female Solo Artist & Mastercard British Album of the Year awards for 21. But, while that was probably expected by most, the real story of the night actually had nothing to do with music. Go to your RSS feeds or flip to any news channel and you’re bound to hear how the 23-year-old pop goddess flipped the bird to producers who abruptly cut off her heartfelt acceptance speech. Harmless as it was, the story seems to be everywhere. Actually, such commotion came so quickly, less than a few hours later, she had even issued an explanation and apology. But, was that really even necessary?

After all, they literally interrupted her. More importantly, we’re willing to bet the majority of the audience was watching, strictly to see that moment. However, because we live in such a nit-picking, PR-firendly society, apparently we’re no longer allowed to express our emotions, without being scrutinized.

Obviously, M.I.A.’s Super Bowl bird had something to do with the hoopla surrounding Adele’s blip on the radar, but why? As human beings, shouldn’t we be allowed to point with the wrong finger? It’s a freaking finger, for God’s sake! It wasn’t acquired from poor parenting or binging on drugs. We were born with it. And, we were also born with the right to stick it out, if we feel we’ve been slighted. Really, the ol’ one-finger salute is probably the most harmless response to f*ckery there is. Making matters worse, contradictions to criticism the “Rolling In The Deep” singer has been receiving all day seem to loom everywhere.

Swearing used to be banished to satellite radio, but Sirius now comes standard in so many new models, anyone with access to the dial can hear Rude Jude and Sear dropping more F-bombs than Iranian comedians. Tune in to Comedy Central past 1AM and kids can see all their favorite episodes of South Park completely unedited. Hell, curse words are so prevalent these days, even video game characters swear on the regular.

Yet, celebrities still have to apologize to the public, for something they’re really not ever sorry for, like flipping the middle finger. Nor, should they be. When Kate Upton’s cooter is hanging out of a toothpick-thin bikini, swearing is not the issue. When Rihanna rekindles with Breezy and publicly acknowledges domestic violence can be forgiven, swearing is not the issue. When death is the only way people will acknowledge the best vocalist of our generation, swearing definitely isn’t the issue.

The issue is that we’re so worried about everything but bettering ourselves, people lose sight of what’s actually important. Whether it’s by public perception or social media, our whole lives are picked apart by folks who don’t affect us, but love to issue an opinion. And while we don’t have to abide by their sentiment, many of us do. It’s why someone who’s capable of winning six Grammys has to clarify her actions, instead of thanking her supporters. And, why more people talked about M.I.A.’s split-second salute than Eli Manning leaving his heart on the field.

However, when Adele feels the need to clarify some sign-language swearing to the same establishment that allows popular gossip mags to falsely tell everyone she’s in a porno, we should probably already know the general public’s concern is completely out of focus.

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