adidas Unveils 2014 NBA All-Star Uniforms And…Well, There’s Always Next Year

01.16.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

adidas 2014 NBA All-Star Jerseys

Paul Lukas of UniWatch dropped a bombshell on NBA jersey enthusiasts this afternoon when he confirmed leaked images of the 2014 All-Star Game uniforms, which players will wear at the contest in New Orleans on Feb. 16.

As it turned out, Lukas’ tweets were true and the adidas All-Star uniforms will continue to employ sleeves, utilizing adidas’ adizero short sleeve NBA Uniform system, unlike All-Star uniforms in season’s past.

Because of this development, it will also attract the ire of everyone from media members to NBA players themselves who really do not like having sleeves on traditionally sleeveless basketball jerseys.

From the peanut gallery, we have…

Unfortunately for the NBA, these aren’t minority opinions. Many agree: these things are abominable. And we agree that they are (that Fleur-de-lis looks practically pasted on there).

So why in the hell does the NBA continue to manufacture these sleeved uniforms? Well it wants to boost jersey sales, of course—but in the name of practicality.

Per Scott Agness:

“The reason why adidas is trying to bring sleeves into the picture is simple. They’re hoping to boost jersey sales.

At an NFL game, a great number of fans wear jerseys, which are shaped like a t-shirt and suitable for any body type. An NBA jersey, however, is essentially a tank top. Kids have no problem wearing them, but adults don’t seem to like the look and usually will wear a t-shirt underneath if they do choose to wear a jersey to the game.

Adidas wants to change that. They believe if the players wear short-sleeve jerseys, then they’ll sell and then more and more fans won’t hesitate to buy – and wear – licensed jerseys.”

They wear, they approve, we buy. Seems like an effective marketing strategy—unless both consumers and players alike agree the new uniforms are crap.

And let us reiterate that one more time: they are.

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