adidas Unveils New NCAA Basketball Uniforms, Which Look Like Those Zubaz Pants

03.01.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

Old heads, if you’re having deja vu when seeing adidas’ new adizero uniform system and its zebra stripes, don’t be alarmed. You’ve seen similar prints before. Weight-lifting-garb-and-comfy-pants company Zubaz revolutionized the zebra look in the ’90s with their striped pants’ omnipresence among sports fans and meat-heads (two groups which are often not exclusive), and the company has noticed the similarities, too.

But they’re not going to pursue any copyright charges against the German sportswear manufacturer. A Zubaz rep told TMZ that, “Companies have been ripping off our designs for years but as one of our former partners used to say, ‘Often imitated, but never duplicated.'” The company rep also suggested that adidas give them a ring whenever they need design help. So happy endings all around; although, let’s hope none of the teams sporting the prints accidentally wander onto the Serengeti anytime soon.

Adidas premieres its adizero line this college basketball postseason with Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville being the chosen six to wear the uniforms.

Via: TMZ

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