Coming Attractions: adidas Crazy 1 “Sunshine”

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adidas Crazy 1_Hero2

One of the most god awful shoes of the previous decade is back and I really couldn’t be happier. As ironic as that sounds, it’s true because nobody like this bold yellow colorway of the adidas Crazy 1, or the Kobe “Sunshines” as they were dubbed way back in 2000. Loathed. Abhorred. Reviled. Think of the most negative word possible that means “keep those things away from me” and that’s how most will view these monstrosities.

They look like low-cut space boots. Yellow toasters. Bloated houseshoes. No, yellow shoeboxes with rubber soles. Anything but basketball shoes.

But, that may be the beauty of them.

In 2000, the Crazy 1 was clearer ahead of the times. Yet, looking at them now and thinking of every Kobe sig shoe since and the first idea that jumps out is that the Mamba was all about getting in there with the designers and taking chances with his footwear. For the ‘Sunshines,’ a car drove the basis of the design.

“Inspired by the speed and sleek design of German sports cars, Crazy 1 features a curved, aerodynamic upper with molding on the heel and toe modeled after a car’s grill and lights. The upper is done up in a matte finish inspired by the popular luxury paint job of high-end automobiles, while the midfoot arch is exaggerated to form the shape of a car’s wheel well. A double foam collar provides added ankle support while the Torsion system improves stability and traction during quick cuts.”

Not saying I plan to pick them up. Hell, not even really saying I would wear them. I am saying that I do admire them as pieces of design and art in a sense. And as much as they were hated back then, a niche group bought the Crazy 1 way back when and they’ll jump at the chance to buy them again. With everyone wearing brighter colors and bolder silhouettes, these walking bricks should blend right in with ease.

The adidas Crazy 1 will be available for $125 on December 26 at adidas Basketball and Shoe Palace.

adidas Crazy 1_Hero

adidas Crazy 1_L

adidas Crazy 1_Heel

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant, 2001 All Star Game

* — I’m lying. Let a pair show up at my doorstep in the ‘Sunshine’ or OG graphite colorway. I’d rock’em without thinking thrice.

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