Coming Attractions: adidas Hardwood Classics NBA Jerseys

02.01.13 5 years ago 25 Comments

Basketball junkies, be prepared to open up the billfold as adidas is rolling out seven of the most memorable basketball jerseys from the ‘90s and early 2000s, set to be worn by seven NBA teams during 10 NBA “Hardwood Classics” night games through March 2013. Each will look like the older version but the materials come updated to today’s standards of performance. The retro unis will include:

— Atlanta Hawks “Spreadwings” home uniform (1998-99 season). Features the Atlanta Hawk stretching its wings across the front of the jersey.

— Chicago Bulls “Pinstripe” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season). Features red stripes on a black jersey with red and white trim.

— Indiana Pacers “Classic pinstripe” home uniform (1996-97 season). Features navy stripes on a white jersey with gold and navy trim.

— Miami Heat “Deep Red” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season). Features black and white letters and numbers on a red jersey with black and white trim.

— Milwaukee Bucks “Full Buck” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season). Features a purple and white buck next to the number on the front of a hunter green jersey.

— Phoenix Suns “Steaming Sun” alternate road uniform (1994-95 season). Features a sun blasting diagonally across the chest above the number on a black jersey.

Sacramento Kings “Checkerboard” uniform (1996-97 season). Features purple and white checkers on the sides of the jersey and shorts with the left side of the jersey colored purple and the right side colored black.

“NBA Hardwood Classics Nights” games beginning Jan. 30 and concluding March 30. The uniforms will be available at and team shops.

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