House of Mutombo: Dikembe Narrates His NBA Travels, Longstanding Legacy

08.19.13 4 years ago

adidas house of mutombo-lead

I post these mostly because I like to hear Dikembe Mutombo talk about Dikembe Mutombo in these animated shorts for adidas. Honestly, he may be one of a few human beings with a voice deeper than mine.

In the latest two episodes from the “House Of Mutombo” series, the eight-time All-Star center documents the different franchises he suited up for, the famous “no, no, no” finger-wave and runs down the accolades he racked up along the way. All this and more he reminds us of as we head into the release of the adidas Mutombo, which available in the US on Saturday, August 24.

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